Areas of Expertise


1. Organisational Effectiveness

Our belief is that the most effective answers to problems are found by working with those on the ground in any given situation.  This drives our action learning approach to organisational effectiveness.  We provide both process and expert organisational review assistance.

Organisations in which we have undertaken reviews and organisation development using these principles include:

  • a division of a State Government Agency faced with unacceptably long response times and deteriorating relationships with both internal and external stakeholders;

  • a not-for-profit organisation in which differing views of staff about the most effective ways of working had resulted in conflict and loss of focus;

  • a State Government Agency responding to significant legislative change which fundamentally altered its role and relationship with stakeholders;
  • a State Government Agency in which conflict was a constant and middle managers were reluctant to accept ownership of matters within their area of responsibility;

  • a School within a major tertiary institution with a major focus on overcoming conflict between departments and individuals;

  • a Faculty within a large tertiary institution with major emphasis on strategic development

  • a state-wide organisation with a staff of 40 000 with a focus on achieving improved equity outcomes;

  • a range of not-for-profit community organisations focusing on structure;

  • a Commonwealth Government Department with emphasis on operational efficiency and productivity; and

  • the national Vocational Education and Training sector with particular emphasis on building online learning and teaching capability.

Frequently following an organisational review, we are invited to work with the leadership group to assist and support them embed the changes recommended in the Review.


2. Leadership & Management Development

Of enduring popularity are the longitudinal action learning based leadership and management development programs our group have developed, refined and provided for many years.  We are innovators in this field, undertaking pioneering work across Queensland.  Our most recent ‘second generation’ program (Confident People Management) combines our experience and learnings from earlier programs and is targeted at those in the upper middle management ranks.  The popularity of these programs means that they remain a major component of our work.  

Of growing popularity are our shorter one-off workshops and seminars covering some ever-vexing topics including The Difficult Workplace Conversation, Managing in the Era of Working From Home and Bullying: Old Problem, New Urgency.  These workshops can be provided as zoom session or face-to-face and are as popular with first line managers as they are with Senior Executives. 

We believe the combination of our knowledge of the subject areas together with our thoughtful and highly effective facilitation skills enable us to provide program participants with both a useful and enjoyable learning experience.  Participants gain practical tips and an understanding of handy group facilitation techniques while also developing their skills and their confidence to undertake their leadership and management roles effectively.

3. Leadership Team Effectiveness

Leadership teams that are full of distrust, competitiveness and secrecy result in organisations full of conflict, disengaged staff, high turnover and low productivity.  Often dysfunctional and conflicted leadership teams are the result of a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities.  

We have worked with large numbers of leadership and executive leadership teams assisting them to make realistic assessments of their current state, identify their ideal future state and determine practical steps to move to that desired state. 

4. Creating Productive and Fair Workplaces

Our work in this area includes providing assistance in developing functional and effective teams, ensuring diversity and equity objectives are achieved, advising in relation to bullying workplace harassment issues and investigating and resolving grievances. 

Julie’s pioneering work in employment equity, affirmative action and employment discrimination matters both nationally and at a state level have resulted in her developing vast expertise in the area. She understands the legislative obligations – having been heavily involved in advising government in the framing of these – as well as the practical implications. 

Julie is experienced in misconduct matters and resolving grievances at the most senior levels in organisations and, importantly, in providing advice regarding future prevention.

Our innovative approach to assisting organisations meet their legislative obligations and minimise their exposure to claims of bullying and sexual harassment is both cost effective and efficient.


5. Executive Coaching

Julie and Ron have extensive experience in coaching executives.  Between them they have undertaken this role in most sectors across a broad cross-section of industries and sectors using a number of different media including face-to-face, phone, on line, and a variety of new technologies.

Ask about your situation.

6. Effective Responses to Staff Survey Results

Less than perfect feedback from staff on a staff survey often has a paralysing effect.  How to respond and what to do are often unanswered or unanswered effectively by organisations.  Staff see little change as a result of their feedback and a cone of silence can develop around the reasons for negative feedback.  This can lead to staff becoming increasingly disengaged and worsening results in subsequent staff surveys. 

We have worked effectively with a range of organisations to assist them to respond to less than optimal staff feedback both  promptly and effectively and in turn enjoy all the benefits of a more engaged and productive workforce – well before subsequent staff surveys.

7. Policy and Policy Frameworks

Good, practical, workable people management policies mean productive and effective businesses.  Indecipherable or unworkable policies are all too common.  Poor policy often results from fuzzy thinking time-strapped staff charged with their production.

Our group has extensive experience in policy development and we know the difference between good and bad policy.  We can help analyse and review policy framework, simplify your existing policies and/or develop contemporary effective people management policies. 


 We are happy to provide the names of past and current clients on request.