Leadership & Management Development

Unless the ‘solution’ is practical, is designed for the specific workplace dilemma and is able to be comfortably and confidently implemented, it will not be a solution. 

Our emphasis is on practical solutions to address the real workplace problems of our clients.  Whether the client is a participant on a learning & development program, an attendee at a one-off workshop or a CEO who has commissioned an organisational review, our approach is to work with and from the experience of the client rather than from a pre-determined or theoretical approach. 

We use action research techniques and our learning and development work is action learning based.  We believe a hallmark of our approach is our enthusiasm for and skill in designing innovative processes that embed these principles in all our work.

We have a suite of workshops and learining & development programs that have proved to be enduringly popular.  Many of these we have redesigned  to offer in the zoom format.  We are happy to design programs to suit your current working arrangements.   Ask us about your situation.


Our History in Providing Leadership & Management Development Programs

In the early 2000s we designed a longitudinal leadership and management development program that drew on our own lengthy experience both managing and facilitating groups.  It struck a chord with leaders and managers.  The program was action learning based, highly participative and designed to enhance managers’ skills and validate the people management elements of their roles.  That program, the Practical People Management (PPM) – Managing with Confidence Program, originally designed for the public sector, has been hugely popular and effective.  Our group has delivered PPM and our ‘second generation’ Programs based on the fundamental principles utilised in PPM to more than 3000 managers.  Confident People Management (CPM), a second generation program targeted at senior middle level and executive level managers, is proving equally effective and popular with experienced leaders and managers from all sectors.

Our longitudinal action-learning based Programs typically consist of:

  • face-to-face workshops delivered over a period of time (generally between four and six months, but sometimes up to nine months);

  • on-the-job use and practice of the people management skills discussed and tried during the workshops;

  • on-the-job coaching and support from the program facilitators; and

  • undertaking of a workplace Project (incorporating some people management aspects) chosen by the participant in conjunction with their boss.

Each of our programs is tailored to the relevant organisational context, recognises the existing knowledge and skills of the participant managers and focuses on developing or further developing workplace‑relevant skills identified by participants as important.   We involve and engage bosses of program participants to ensure we understand the learning needs they see for their participants and foster their support of participants in the workplace to maximise transfer of learning.  

On two occasions our longitudinal programs have been independently evaluated.  In 2004/2005 the University of Queensland’s longitudinal study of ten PPM programs delivered in four different agencies showed that it was successful in developing and enhancing participants’ skills and confidence in the longer term.  The evaluation identified good transfer of learning.  A similar independently conducted longitudinal study (2010/2012) of seventeen of our Programs delivered within one Government agency by Griffith University showed equally effective results and longer-term transfer of learning.



Participants in our longitudinal programs consistently report increased understanding of, confidence in and enthusiasm for their people management roles.  Client organisations report more competent, confident and engaged management of people, resulting in:

  • Improved operational effectiveness and program outcomes;

  • Better quality team-work and team leadership;

  • More motivated and committed staff;

  • A positive feedback and performance correction environment;

  • Fewer time-consuming and unsolvable people management cases;

  • Fewer mismanaged cases and better judgement calls on the part of their managers; and

  • Increased efficiencies resulting from innovative action learning projects undertaken by program participants.

Clients conducting in-house longitudinal programs frequently incorporate consideration of governance, planning, executive leadership team effectiveness, organisational culture and other strategic issues into their Program. 


Our Unique Approach

We are accomplished learning facilitators and experienced executive managers and bring credibility to the learning and coaching processes.  The individual coaching, support and encouragement we provide to participants between face-to-face workshops day is critical in helping step them past their self-confidence barriers to try new ways.

The success of our programs is widely credited to our credibility which derives in part from our backgrounds as professional managers and leaders, rather than trainers.


Recently Provided Programs

 That Difficult Workplace Conversation

An interactive workshop provided face-to-face as a half day, one day or two day offering. Also provided as a series of zoom sessions for the equivalent time.  It focuses on the essentials of giving honest feedback to boost performance and is equally relevant for senior experienced leaders and new superviors and managers.


Confident People Management (CPM)

A longitudinal action learning based leadership and management development program aimed at upper middle and more senior leaders and managers.  Can include up to six face-to-face workshop days provided over a six-month period, on-the-job coaching and support and lots more.   It is simply the best leadership and management program you will ever attend!


Enhancing Team Effectiveness

A workshop that focuses on the essential ingredients of highly effective teams and provides the opportunity for participants to design a strategy to enhance the effectiveness of their own team with the support and encourgament of other participants.  


Transitioning to Management

A program or workshop for the new or acting supervisors and managers which covers all the essentials to equip you to make a confident start to management.  Can be provided face-to-face or via zoom sessions. Interactive and fun. 


Workforce Planning

Build the skills and confidence to develop workforce plans for your organisation or workplace that keep the focus squarely on vision and goals and not how to find the people. 


Stakeholder Engagement

Increasing requirements for stakehold engagement demand enhanced engagement techniques and the confidence to utilize them.  This interactive workshop can ge provided as a series of zoom session or face-to-face.


Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Ignoring conflict never works as a resolution strategy, no matter how hard we wish it would.  Determining the basis of the conflict and designing resoluition strategies is critical for productive workplaces.  It is squarely the role and responsibility of the immediate manager to undertake this task.  This workshop helps build the confidence and skills of managers to enable them to undertake this essential task.  


Workplace Harassment Contact Officer Training

A workshop that equips Workplace Contact Officers, including those dealing with sexual harassment, bullying and/or workplace harassment, with the skills and knowledge to undertake their role.  Competent Contact Officers are an invaluable investment. 


Verbal Communication


The key to good workplace relationships and high levels of trust in the workplace is good communication.  Too often managers neglect this simple yet highly effective technique despite it being a skill that most possess.  This workhsop is enduringly popular and participants report being able to achieve positive change in their workplaces following their attendance.  


Effective Workplace Harassment Awareness Training

Equally suitable for sexual harassment, bullying or other forms of harassment, this program showcases an innovative more effective and cost efficient way for organisations to prevent the occurrence of bullying and harassment.   It is designed to equip local managers with the skills and confidence to ensure their workplaces are safe and harassment free.  In the event of a harassment case arising, organisations are better placed to resolve the complaint and avoid major disruption and liability. 


Bullying: Old Problem New Urgency

Aimed at enabling manager to confidently manage their workplace to provent and occurrence of bullying, including what has become know as 'upwards bullying'.  the program is generally offred over two half days.  Suitable for face-to-face or zoom session presentation.