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Testimonial from Les Nicholson
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Hi Julie

Just thought I would let you know that I have just finished a very healthy 2 hour discussion with my Sergeant, which I think was very beneficial for both of us.

He put his hand up to saying something negative about me to a junior staff member recently, which I advised him was the type of behaviour that continually "fuelled the fire" of our relationship.

He advised me that he will work hard on his loyalty and trust.

12 months ago I would have held this meeting and ripped him apart. That didn't happen today, but all the same he is acutely aware of my expectations.  I think I achieved that through respect rather than yelling - time will tell of course. 

I did speak about your Program with him and the positive influence that the course had had on my leadership style - guess what he said - "Yeh boss I reckon you've changed since you started doing that course!" (Go figure!!)

He was probably just peeing in my pocket, but in all seriousness, the Program came at exactly the right time for me and I wish my Sergeants could all do the course as I think they would learn a lot, from both the course and the networking it provides.

Thanks again for your support and assistance.  Don't want to sound too melodramatic but my attendance at the course and the realisation that I am not alone has done me the world of good. 

Hope to catch up again some time.

Senior Sergeant - Office in Charge of a Rural Station


 I would like to thank you both Julie and Jane for an exceptional workshop, which I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills which will certainly be beneficial in future employment opportunities

Nurse Unit Manager Cairns


Facilitators excellent worked extremely well together – professional and know how to include everyone.  Thank-you!  Best course I have attended in years.

Allied Health Team Leader – Townsville


Excellent course.  Very glad I did it.  Materials and follow-up emails were excellent.  Thanks for your support.  I’ll encourage colleagues to do future courses.

Managing Lawyer


I have attended a number of workshops over the years and in my opinion you are the best facilitators. It was great that you shared stories with us from personal experiences and other organisations.  It turns the theory into reality.  You created a very safe and comfortable learning environment.

Call Centre Supervisor


Dear Julie,

I would like to personally thank you and Ron for all of the time, effort and commitment you have both shown to the QPS and the group of officers attending your course.  I know I have gained a great deal personally from the information and interactions I have had with the two of you.  I am quite certain that many of us would not have had the confidence or perhaps the skills to tackle some of the projects we have undertaken, but perhaps more importantly the ability to employ the skills we have learnt in a day to day setting within our sphere of influence without your guidance, advice, encouragement and passion. 

So once again, thank you both.

Police Officer


Both presenters were fantastic! Honestly the most worthwhile training I have ever done.  It’s great knowing the support doesn’t end today.  Many thanks Ron and Jane.

Dietician – Rockhampton


 I now realise how important this course has been in my workplace and family life, and appreciate your giving of yourselves to us.

Administrative Officer. 



I know I did not say a lot during the course but I have gained a lot from the experience. I have applied a number of the skills in the workplace and believe I have learnt more in the last 4 months doing this then I have from MDP.

Once again thank you.

Police Officer


Hi Julie,

I have just faxed through my evaluation form.

Well it would appear that the skills learnt in the PPM program were useful. Just before our last workshop, I had a rather long discussion with my 'problem' staff member about my expectations and the fact that he was not meeting them. I took the time and 'actively listened' to his excuses, etc. I also 'managed upwards' and advised my manager that I felt that I had addressed the situation on numerous occasions, and that I felt that it was time that she discussed this with him. She had a VERY long discussion with him, and when I got back from the course I guess I became a little firmer with him, and was advising him when I wanted everything done - not giving him a chance to slacken off. It appears that all of this combined, lead to him not showing up for work on the Thursday or Friday, and then after me trying to contact him, he finally sent through a resignation 'effective immediately' on the Friday. There were a couple of excuses why he resigned, but to me it would appear that he was just too far in over his head, so he got out as I was clearly not relenting at all!

Although it was not ideal way to fix the situation, I think that had I not taken a stronger approach based on what I learnt from your course and advice, I would still be trying to get him to work! It has been a tough few days since, discovering a few time bombs that he had created and the extra work, but even so I myself am a lot less stressed these days!

I also got engaged last weekend, so that may have something to do with it too!

Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that your work does make a difference. Maybe to some more than others, but it has helped to fix my problem and for that I really am grateful!

Best of luck for the future, and many thanks to you and Leo for all of your help and support.

HR Officer Brisbane


Some feedback for you re the PPM courses you are running.  Bumped into a mate in Toowoomba this morning who said he’d been attending the PPM at Ipswich.  He had nothing but praise for it and felt that it was useful.

Police Service


Excellent, informative workshop – very hands on and relevant to my work

Nurse Unit Manager Townsville


Facilitators were very knowledgeable and had good examples for all issues discussed.  Great follow up with phone calls and email.  Good communication.

Admin Supervisor – Rural Hospital Central Queensland


 I felt very supported throughout the whole process.  Both Jane and Ron were excellent educators in that they brought the participants together as a group.  Well done!!

Emergency Department worker – Central Queensland


Really enjoyed the course.  Best course I’ve been on in a long time – very practical.

Team Leader - Brisbane


Thanks for the info Julie. The course was the best one I have done in the years I have worked in the department, so thanks very much, once again.

Team Leader


I have noticed a change not only in my ability to manage but also in my desire to do well and contribute in any workplace.  Thank you.

Section Manager


I enjoyed the atmosphere of the workshop and the very useful and practical examples both Julie and Ron were able to provide.

Managing Lawyer


Julie, rarely have I met a more welcoming and caring host and collaborator. The services that you provided were above and beyond. Thank you!

Web Developer, Denmark