Our Work

Unless the ‘solution’ is practical, is designed for the specific workplace dilemma and is able to be comfortably and confidently implemented, it will not be a solution. 

Our emphasis is on practical solutions to address the real workplace problems of our clients. Whether the client is a CEO who has commissioned an organisational review, a manager wishing to achieve a cultural change in their workplace, a participant on a learning & development program or, an attendee at a one-off workshop our approach is to work with and from the situation and experience of the client.  We recognise that each assignment is unique and design our assistance accordingly rather than offering a pre-determined or theoretical approach. 

We use action research techniques and our facilitation and learning and development work is action learning based. We believe a hallmark of our approach is our enthusiasm for and skill in designing innovative processes that embed these principles in all our work.

We are happy to design a solution for your specific needs and your current working arrangements. This includes utilizing zoom formats.  Ask us about your situation.