Expertise Area:

Leadership & Management Development

Of enduring popularity are the longitudinal action learning based leadership and management development programs our group have developed, refined and provided for many years.  We are innovators in this field, undertaking pioneering work across Queensland.  Our most recent ‘second generation’ program (Confident People Management) combines our experience and learnings from earlier programs and is targeted at those in the upper middle management ranks.  The popularity of these programs means that they remain a major component of our work.  

Of growing popularity are our shorter one-off workshops and seminars covering some ever-vexing topics including The Difficult Workplace ConversationManaging in the Era of Working From Home and Bullying: Old Problem, New Urgency.  These workshops can be provided as zoom session or face-to-face and are as popular with first line managers as they are with Senior Executives. 

We believe the combination of our knowledge of the subject areas together with our thoughtful and highly effective facilitation skills enable us to provide program participants with both a useful and enjoyable learning experience.  Participants gain practical tips and an understanding of handy group facilitation techniques while also developing their skills and their confidence to undertake their leadership and management roles effectively.

Other areas of expertise include:

Organisational Effectiveness

Including Reviews and Workforce Planning utilising action-learning techniques to achieve optimally effective outcomes.

Leadership & Management Development

Including one-off Workshops and Seminars on contemporary and topical issues.

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Including increasing the effectiveness of leadership teams and enhancing their development.

Creating Productive and Fair Workplaces

Including grievance avoidance and resolution, avoidance of bullying, discrimination and harassment, diversity management and building functional and productive teams.

Effective Responses to Staff Survey Results

Including collaborative development of action plans to address issues identified in the results of staff surveys.

Policy and Policy Frameworks

Including analysis, development and provision of advice in relation to the whole range of people management and HR policies.