Expertise Area:

Organisational Effectiveness

Our belief is that the most effective answers to problems are found by working with those on the ground in any given situation.  This drives our action learning approach to organisational effectiveness.  We provide both process and expert organisational review assistance.

Organisations in which we have undertaken reviews and organisation development using these principles include:

  • a division of a State Government Agency faced with unacceptably long response times and deteriorating relationships with both internal and external stakeholders;
  • a not-for-profit organisation in which differing views of staff about the most effective ways of working had resulted in conflict and loss of focus;
  • a State Government Agency responding to significant legislative change which fundamentally altered its role and relationship with stakeholders;
  • a State Government Agency in which conflict was a constant and middle managers were reluctant to accept ownership of matters within their area of responsibility;
  • a School within a major tertiary institution with a major focus on overcoming conflict between departments and individuals;
  • a Faculty within a large tertiary institution with major emphasis on strategic development
  • a state-wide organisation with a staff of 40 000 with a focus on achieving improved equity outcomes;
  • a range of not-for-profit community organisations focusing on structure;
  • a Commonwealth Government Department with emphasis on operational efficiency and productivity; and
  • the national Vocational Education and Training sector with particular emphasis on building online learning and teaching capability.

Frequently following an organisational review, we are invited to work with the leadership group to assist and support them embed the changes recommended in the Review.

Other areas of expertise include:

Organisational Effectiveness

Including Reviews and Workforce Planning utilising action-learning techniques to achieve optimally effective outcomes.

Leadership & Management Development

Including one-off Workshops and Seminars on contemporary and topical issues.

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Including increasing the effectiveness of leadership teams and enhancing their development.

Creating Productive and Fair Workplaces

Including grievance avoidance and resolution, avoidance of bullying, discrimination and harassment, diversity management and building functional and productive teams.

Effective Responses to Staff Survey Results

Including collaborative development of action plans to address issues identified in the results of staff surveys.

Policy and Policy Frameworks

Including analysis, development and provision of advice in relation to the whole range of people management and HR policies.