Current Masterclasses

Handling difficult workplace conversations with confidence

Julie Cork & Ron Passfield are offering masterclass workshops targeting the most important but frequently perplexing leadership and people management responsibilities.

The workshops are designed for anyone who manages people, with a specific workshop for senior leaders. Everyone, from first line supervisors to SES leaders, will gain confidence in fulfilling their people management responsibilities and receive helpful tips and insights from attending these workshops.

Currently, we offer the following masterclasses:

Making ‘Difficult’ Workplace Conversations Effective and Practical

For all managers

Creating a Culture of Positive Performance Management

For all managers

Coaching your Managers to Have Effective ‘Difficult’ Performance Conversations

For senior leaders

While the nature of work may have changed, perhaps forever, the challenges of maintaining productive and professional workplaces have never been greater.  The need to focus on the engagement and support of workers in order to manage in the changed environment is paramount.  It is timely to take stock of the tools and strategies available to managers in light of the recent and future organisational and workplace challenges. 

These workshops are highly participative and practical.

Ron and Julie are experienced senior leaders and managers who have both worked at SES level. Over the past twelve years they have worked with more than 3000 managers across Queensland assisting them to develop their people leadership and management skills with a particular focus on shaping a productive culture.  

In addition to input on contemporary research, the workshops provide opportunities for one-to-one and small group discussions as well as discussion across the broader group.  The choice about what to share in these discussions rests with individual participants.

Workshops are available in-house or as public programs.  They can be provided as a one-day face-to-face workshop or as a number of shorter (two or three hour) zoom sessions over two days.  Numbers are limited to safeguard the integrity of the workshop process.   

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